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The AiDi app will use your personal information in order to generate an electronic ID card for young carers. It will also enable Young Carers to send pings to their school. 

We will rely on the your consent to process this data. If at any time they want to stop using the app/delete their information in the app, they are free to do so. Any information about yourself will be processed on the basis of legitimate interests and public task. 

The information will not be used for any other purposes. 

If necessary, for example, if there any safeguarding concerns, the school may share information with the relevant local authority, either Gwynedd Council or Isle of Anglesey County Council.  

Information held on the app will be reviewed every 2 years. 

The information will be deleted:

  • once the Young Carer is 18
  • if the Young Carer withdraws their consent to the processing
  • or if the Young Carer’s situation changes and they are no longer a Young Carer

Data is stored securely in the United Kingdom.

For more information about Young Carers rights regarding their data, please visit the privacy policy sections of the two Councils:

Gwynedd Council Website

Isle of Anglesey Council Website